In Japan You Can Grab A Pop Star’s Boobs For Charity

japan idol marshmallow 3d

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And now for something completely different.Marshmallow 3D, an all female pop idol group in Japan is taking part in a unique charity event.  For a donation of 1000 yen ($13), one gets five squeezes of the pop star’s breasts on live television, according to Time Out Tokyo.

The charity event is a 24-hour event, called “Erotics Save the Earth,” will be broadcast on Paradise TV, a porn channel, the same company that organised the pop group. 

The proceeds of the event will go to the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention.  Japan’s rate of AIDS infection is on the rise.  The pornography company hopes to raise awareness of safer sex through this nine-years running annual smut telethon. 

According to Marshmallow 3D’s Twitter feed, they seem eager to give to charity.  “Please come to grab us!” they tweeted. “See you on Erotics Save the Earth 2011!” A press release invited the public to “By all means, come meet us at the 24 hour telethon.  We want you to feel the marshmallow feeling.”