There's a new GoPro competitor that automatically edits your footage using data like your heart rate

GraavaGraavaGraava is attached to this rider’s helmet.

One of the beautiful elements of action cameras like Go-Pro is their ability to fade into the background. You strap on the camera and then you just do what you normally would. You don’t have to worry about breaking it or setting up each shot — the whole process is simplified.

That is, until you have to edit the footage.

Slogging through hours upon hours of footage can be a major pain point for action camera users. Now one startup is taking a stab at solving it by releasing an action camera that will auto-edit your footage for you.

The camera, which is available for pre-order at $US249, is called Graava. So how does it work? According to the creators at Matter Design, Graava uses different sensors — image sensors, microphones, accelerometers, GPS, third-party heart rate monitors — to identify the most exciting moments of your life.

The heart rate option is particularly intriguing. Imagine a heightened heart rate, monitored by a device like an Apple Watch, being able to control the way the footage of your bike ride or snowboard run is edited.

But the real question around Graava is not whether the concept is compelling, but whether the device actually works. Here are two videos showing a bit of the process.

This is a 30-second clip edited by Graava:

And here is the original four-minute footage:


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