A Woman Drove 900 Miles Instead Of 50 Because Of Bad GPS Directions

gps tomtom screen

Photo: John.Karakatsanis / Creative Commons

A 67-year-old Belgian woman mistakenly drove 900 miles from her home in Begium to Zagreb, Croatia, because her TomTom GPS instructed her to do so.Sabine Moreau wanted to pick up a friend from a train station in Brussels, 47 miles from her home in Solre-sur-Sambre, the Daily Mail reported. But her GPS gave her the wrong directions, which she followed.

On her way to Croatia, Moreau passed through Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. After two days of driving, she finally stopped and called home.

Meanwhile, Belgian police were about to launch a search for Moreau when her son found out where she was, according to the Mail.

It is unclear if she entered the wrong destination into the GPS, or if the device malfunctioned.

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