Gowalla Partners With National Geographic And The Washington Post On Cool New Feature


[credit provider=”Bloomberg”]

Don’t count Gowalla out of the “check-in” wars just yet.Earlier today, location-based social network Gowalla announced a partnership with National Geographic and The Washington Post promoting a new feature for the service.

Gowalla, like rival services Foursquare and Loopt, allows users to check-in to businesses and other locations from their mobile phones. Gowalla recently introduced a Trips feature that allowed users to put together suggested trips from the locations in Gowalla’s database and recommend them to their friends.

Today’s announcement covers some upgrades to the Trips feature, and the addition of promoted trips, starting with offerings from the Post and National Geographic.

Gowalla and its rivals are still in the early stages of figuring out how to make money off of their networks, and are experimenting with a wide range of revenue strategies. This is unlikely to be a large part of the answer for Gowalla, but it’s a neat feature, and something its major rivals aren’t offering.

Meanwhile, the involvement of these two mainstream brands is a positive sign for Gowalla, which has been losing out to Foursquare in terms of users and mind share of late.

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