New York City Music Fest Turns Into Giant Mud Party [PHOTOS]

Gov Ball

For many New Yorkers and music fans, the Governors Ball is one of the most highly-anticipated concert events of the year.

A three-day music festival on Randall’s Island in NYC filled with great bands, food, friends and sunshine.

But this year, something was different about the festival.


Dirty, wet ground that made every step between concert stages more difficult and every concert-goer’s feet covered in brown muck. There was no escaping it.

Thanks to a powerful rain storm on Friday night that forced some bands to postpone their sets, mud became the main act at the Governors Ball 2013.

While some were more prepared than others, everyone was forced to eventually embrace it.

Here's what my shoes looked like when I put them on Saturday morning to attend the Governors Ball music festival in NYC. They made it through Coachella, so I figured they could brave the ball.

When I got to Randall's Island, I knew my beige booties' time on this earth was limited.

This is what concert-goers had to walk through just to enter the festival. A rainstorm the night before made the grounds extra muddy.

It was inches deep.

And hard to walk in.

This is what people had to stand in to listen to bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

I tried to keep my feet clean as long as possible.

But ultimately surrendered to the mud.

Other people were smarter and wore rain boots.

Or covered their shoes in plastic bags.

Like these girls who wanted to keep their Converses clean.

Manrepeller blogger Leandra Medine went the plastic-bag-over-sneakers route.

Some were forced to pick a favourite foot.

For $1, you could buy a poncho to put your shoes in and carry around.

Those bags got dirty quickly.

For another $1, you could purchase a plastic bag for your phone.

This girl was smart and brought her phone in a Ziplock bag.

These people went to extremes and taped trash bags around their legs.

Others just let the mud happen.

They danced in puddles.

Hula-hooped in the mud fields.

The mud didn't stop these girls from having a good time.

They embraced it.

Floral crowns and all.

Floral crowns were everywhere — just like the mud.

This guy watched Kings of Leon perform with mud all over his back.

And this guy watched Cut Copy with a friend's mud hand prints on his chest.

These people were cool to sit in it.

This girl was even able to take a mud nap.

Despite the garbage everywhere ...

People were still able to have fun.

And hang out with their friends.

It was a bit dryer on a nearby hill.

Where many people stayed throughout the day.

But the mud didn't bother this guy!

Even the food and drinks got muddy.

Doesn't this look appealing?

If you needed cash, you had to walk through the mud.

You can imagine what the porta potty situation was like.

These are the sinks where people were supposed to wash their hands and get clean!

The mud became so hard to manage that people had to conga line their way through the fields.

Use the buddy system.

And stick close together, especially since there was little cell phone service.

Some people tried to avoid puddles.

While others just hung out in them.

When the mud became too hard to walk in between concert stages, I eventually had to take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the muck. Yuck!

But barefoot ...

Or boots ...

No one was walking out of there clean.

Overall, it was a fun day with great music.

And nice weather!

After the final show, I headed home.

This is what my feet looked like on the ferry ride back.

The next morning, my shoes looked like this.

Guess I can kiss them goodbye.

But Governors Ball is mild next to other music festivals.

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