TOBACCO TASKFORCE: The Turnbull government plans to crack down on illegal cigarette sales

Scott Barbour/ Getty Images

The Turnbull government will establish a Tobacco Taskforce to target the illicit sales of cigarettes and tobacco, which it says is costing the government billions of dollars.

As part of the new plan, which will be announced in the federal budget tomorrow, the Australian Taxation Office will be given expanded powers to charge tobacco duties and other tax liabilities on cigarettes.

Revenue and financial services minister Kelly O’Dwyer says the government expects to increase revenue through a suite of new measures by $3.6 billion over four years.

She also said tougher anti-corruption measures will prevent criminals from profiting from illegal tobacco sales.

“The illicit tobacco market is dominated by organised crime groups, which use tobacco profits to fund their other criminal and black economy activities,” she said.

“These strong new measures will shut down the avenues that organised crime syndicates have to access illicit tobacco to fund criminal activity.”

The Sydney Morning Herald has more here.

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