TURNBULL: The government has 'no plans' for a next step on same-sex marriage

A woman walks past posters in Sydney’s Oxford Street advertising a rally supporting same-sex marriage. Photo: William West/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Earlier this week the senate officially killed off the Coalition’s plan for a plebiscite on marriage equality after several crossbench members voted with Labor to defeat the plan 33 to 29.

Following the decision, attorney-general senator George Brandis said the vote will add years of setbacks to a decision on same-sex marriage in Australia.

And as it turns out, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull won’t be working towards progressing the issue any time soon.

Speaking on 3AW this morning, Turnbull said: “We have no plans to take any other measures on this issue.

“We took a plebiscite to the election.”

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