Government intervention 'an absolute last resort' as online racket depletes Australia's baby formula supply

Photo: Fiona Goodall/ Getty.

As Australian parents deal with shortages of premium baby formula due to the booming market for onselling the products to China over the internet, there have been increasing calls for government intervention.

This week the internet blew up after a woman captured the moment a Woolworths store was completely depleted of A2 Platinum Formula by a single group of people, despite the supermarket stating it has an eight can limit per transaction.

While the government is now talking with the major retailers to find a solution to the problem it is unlikely to step in unless it’s “an absolute last resort”.

Assistant minister for trade Richard Colbeck told the ABC this morning: “I don’t think government intervention is something we really want to see.”

But he did say that it would investigate a solution.

“Booming international demand for our high quality dairy products is great news for our local dairy industry but we must also ensure supply is available locally,” he said.

“I have been talking with supermarkets and pharmacy representatives today about ways we can ensure local parents have access to reliable supplies of infant formula.”

The government is expected to release more details on its approach today.

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