Government Austerity Programs Hurt Economic Growth

Greece Strikes Austerity

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In his classic Fable of the Bees: or, Private Vices, Publick Benefits (1724), Bernard Mandeville, the Dutch-born British philosopher and satirist, described – in verse – a prosperous society (of bees) that suddenly chose to make a virtue of austerity, dropping all excess expenditure and extravagant consumption. What then happened?The Price of Land and Houses falls;

Mirac’lous Palaces, whose Walls,

Like those of Thebes, were rais’d by Play

Are to be let; . . . .

The building Trade is quite destroy’d

Artificers are not employ’d; . . .

Those, that remain’d, grown temp’rate strive

Not how to spend, but how to live . . .

That sounds a lot like what many advanced countries have been going through, after financial-crisis-induced austerity plans were launched, doesn’t it? Is Mandeville a genuine prophet for our times?

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