Instagram Sex Account Leads To Riot In Sweden

Sweden Instagram Riots

A Swedish Instagram account that asked for tips on “sluts” in the Gothenburg area has set off riots at a Swedish school in a bid to find the person behind it.

According to The Local, the account soon had around 200 pictures uploaded to it — giving names and alleged sexual activity of girls as young as 13. When the Instagram account was shut down, a Facebook page appeared with the same information.

This morning, teenagers angry with the Instagram and Facebook posts went to Plusgymnasiet high school in a bid to confront the person they believed was behind it (according to yet another Facebook page). Police estimated around 600 arrived.

This video shows the scene:

Aftonbladet says that police have been on site since 8.30am this morning, with the situation only coming under control later in the afternoon. “Protestors have kicked down lampposts and are jumping on cars. They are going berserk,” Antonio Raunegger, 44, told the Swedish newspaper.

A 17-year-old who is believed to have started the account has been taken into custody, Aftonbladet reports, as well as 27 others involved in the riot.