GOSSIP: Here's Why Twitter Bought A Startup And The CEO Took A Job At Facebook Instead

AdGrok CEO Garcia-Martinez isn’t joining his team at Twitter. He’s going to Facebook.

Photo: Antonio Garcia-Martinez via Facebook

At the beginning of the month, we learned that Twitter had acquired a startup called AdGrok.It looked like a normal talent acquisition except for one very strange twist: not everyone on the AdGrok team ended up taking jobs at Twitter. 

Instead of following his team, CEO Antonio Garcia-Martinez took a job at Facebook, a Twitter competitor.

How in the world did that happen?

Well…the gossip we just heard is that earlier this Spring, Facebook intended to buy AdGrok itself – another one of its many acqui-hires. But, before it completed the deal, Facebook put all of AdGrok’s engineers through its standard hiring tests. They didn’t pass. Facebook dropped the offer.

Then, to their credit, AdGrok’s management team and investors navigated a soft-landing at Twitter – and Facebook made an offer for the guy they wanted all along: Garcia Martinez.

Juicy, right?

Anyway, we’d stress that this is gossip we heard from a source who unquestionably biased toward Facebook.

Facebook PR declined to comment on this story. We didn’t reach out to Twitter, but they’ve let us know in the past that they don’t comment on these kinds of stories.

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