Next For Yahoo: Layoffs, Ecommerce Aquisitions, Board Departures

Tim Morse Jerry Yang Scott Thompson first day Yahoo

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According to insiders, here’s the scuttlebutt on what’s next for Yahoo:

  • The Yahoo! Japan deal is almost finished. The Alibaba deal is progressing, but it’s not as far along.
  • As a part of those deals, Yahoo will end up owning $5 billion worth of new businesses. One of those will probably be an ecommerce play. Something in payments wouldn’t be a shock either.
  • When those deals are done, chairman Roy Bostock and a few other long time board members will step down. Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang was supposed to have waited to step down at the same time, but (to mix metaphors) he saw the writing on the wall and jumped the gun.
  • PE firms are back in the picture. Supposedly, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson is meeting with TPG and Silver Lake. If Silver Lake likes what it hears, Andreessen Horowitz might re-enter the picture.
  • Layoffs are coming. They’ll be small and across the board. They will be the start of several small rounds.