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Watch out Canada – especially you, Vancouver. The Canadian housing market is on the precipice of bubble status and it’s only getting worse from here. Fund My Mutual Fund has a great round up of data, chock full o’ numbers.

Smith Street Capital founder Duncan Frearson talks with HedgeFund.net about financial regulation and the Volcker rule. His opinion? “Letting them having up to 3% as a GP, as well as having the total add up to 3% will keep them in the game.” It’s a great read that also has commentary from Gator Capital Management as well.

Carly Simon’s boyfriend threw her a surprise 65th birthday party last night to cheer her up after she lost millions to Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr.

A few semi-celebrities just found they were ripped off by – you guessed it – another Ponzi scheme. Oprah book-club author Jacquelyn Mitchard and Reebok Chair & CEO Paul Fireman were among those who lost money to Trevor Cook. Ponzi-ing seems to be really chic nowadays.

Willen van der Vorn is not happy at Reuters for writing an article about why he got fired. Expect to hear more from him.

Bonus Round: TMZ reports that a high-end fashion boutique in L.A. called Tough As Nails has filed a lawsuit against Lindsay Lohan. According to the suit, Lindsay racked up a bill of $17,060.83 and convinced the owners her business manager would pay the bill. She didn’t and her manager coughed up a measly $180.

Don’t miss out on how Lindsay Lohan spent her way to the poorhouse ->

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