Gossip Grind: The July 4th Weekend Edition

Photo: www.motifake.com

Everyone at Barclay Capital in London got an email warning women about a BarCap guy’s STDs. A female bank assistant, Miranda Barker, had sent an email to all of the BarCap secretaries warning them about an alleged STD-spreader. Barker said he gave an STD to one of her friends, so she told the secretaries: “He’s sleeping his way around all of the secretaries… I have seen him in action personally – watch out for him.”Some Delaware banker ordered a refurbished Blackberry (lame) and told the NYPost about it, but refused to tell them his name. The phone had dirty messages and naked photos of an (also unnamed) former NFL star.

There was a data breach at Connecticut’s WellPoint (insurance co) office. It may have exposed personal data of over 500,000 customers (most from CT).

Kobayashi does want to compete in this weekend’s hot dog eating contest on Coney Island, but he’s in disagreement with the contest’s sponsors.

The bike-riding serial bank robber was caught, suspected to be the owner of a professional indoor soccer team.

BOATERS, SWIMMERS, BEWARE: There’s a shark warning out for anyone who’s going to be in the water off the coast of New England.

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