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Jamie Dimon might be about to kill 5,000 back office jobs in the UK. Apparently JP’s offices in Glasgow and Bournemouth are under threat, and the bank has made clear they see expansion opportunities in Asia over London.The Corporate Challenge Boxing tournament is happening tonight. Albert Gore Jr. of Strategic Capital Partners is fighting the “The Carnivore”, aka Ken Cunningham of Oppenheimer; “Yellow Fever” aka Andrew Kang of Marathon Asset Management says his advantage is his “ability to take hits,” and Austin “Monkey Fist” Philbin of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney likens his style to Mike Tyson’s.

Someone who (informally) interviewed with the 20-something year old Spencer Greenberg, who runs Rebellion Research told us he asked only very tough questions about computer programming and when he couldn’t answer them said something like, “You really need a lot more experience in that area to work for a firm like ours.”

Hedge fund Eton Park Capital Management bought new office space in London’s West End.

The President and CEO of Credit Union Atlanta is dead after being shot by an undercover cop in New Jersey. The detective was looking into reports of sexual activity in a park when he “tussled” with the Georgia banker. 

Media mogul Sumner Redstone tried to bribe a reporter via voicemail and now its all over the web. “We’re not going to kill him… We’ just want to talk to him,” Redstone garbles. The Viacom chief wanted to find out who told the journo about a girl-band reality show being forced to air on MTV, over the objections of execs. Listen to Redstone’s voicemail here >>>

Upper East Side homeowners are antsy after the sale of a sharply discounted townhouse, on one of Manhattan’s most exclusive blocks. Art collector and healthcare titan Donald Rubin slashed his initial asking price by 25% (“one of the steepest one-time markdowns for a high-end residential property”), which could shrink pricing in the whole neighbourhood.

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