GOSSIP: Today's Wall Street Buzz in 60 Seconds

katy perry

Keith Richards owes Steve Schwarzman money from decades of unpaid library fines.

JPMorgan is the new Goldman Sachs at the SEC.

A photo of Todd Combs, the hedge-funder’s who has just been hired by Berkshire Hathaway and is slated to take-over from Warren Buffett, has finally emerged.

Just what you’ve always wanted: now you can buy a Lloyd Blankfein action figure for $100.

Corporations are pleading with the SEC to let tattle-tale employees be handled internally first before they reveal information to the federal agency.

Third Point funds are up 24-30% ytd.

Greenlight Capital’s Offshore fund is up 8.8% ytd.

Standard Bank is about to cut over 1,000 jobs. The bank says 1,145 workers will probably be retrenched in South Africa; 600 contractors will probably be made redundant; and 270 people in London will be let go.

A JPMorgan exec told the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street “may be pissed at Obama, but when it comes down to it, he was pretty good for our business,” having allowed them to make billions while the rest of the country continues to battle. Via Dealbreaker.

Goldman Sachs is “losing its edge” in its most profitable business arm – fixed-income trading. The firm now commands only a 19% share of the fixed-income trading revenue of the eight largest U.S. and European banks, down from a record 29%.

An indicator? Apparently Katy Perry and Russell Brand were given a baby bull from PETA as a wedding gift.

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