"Gossip Girl" Mocks Hulu (CLIP)


Anyone doubting whether Hulu had gone mainstream need only to have watched last night’s Gossip Girl. The show namechecked the popular TV and movie-streaming service. But Gossip Girl didn’t get its facts right. (The Jeffersons isn’t on Hulu.)

Or was this just The CW’s attempt to mock a rival tv-streaming service? Gossip Girl, after all, and other CW shows aren’t on Hulu. Instead, to watch Gossip Girl for free, legally, online you have to go to The CW’s cumbersome site, where episodes are available a few days after they air.

You decide. Was this a Hulu slam? Clip below (at the 5:13 mark) courtesy of YouTube, until Warner Bros. takes it down, because it’s not on yet.



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