GOSSIP: Today’s Wall Street Buzz in 60 Seconds


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We hear that Goldman Sachs has just fired a significant portion of its mortgage-backed securities desk. Most will be gone by November.Barclays had to fire its star commodities trader, Todd Edgar, because of bank regulations.

John Paulson’s hedge fund’s disastrous number just got worse.  His fund is reportedly down 34%.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner celebrated his 50th birthday with a cupcake from Crumbs (it has cream cheese frosting).

CNBC anchors Simon Hobbs and Jim Kramer got in a fight this morning amid the euro bank rout.  It wasn’t pretty.

Bond manager, Jeffrey Gundlach was apparently fired from TWC Group in 2009 for not going to enough of his boss’s parties, according to his long-time former co-manager.

Bradley Jack, the former Lehman Brothers co-COO, who was caught forging prescriptions for Oxycontin and Ritalin, will go to rehab.

A former goldman vice president changed his name shortly after leaving the bank and now works for the House Oversight Committee fighting bank regulation. Turns out he changed his name because he’s a descendant of a Transylvania count.

Bank of America named Ron Sturzenegger its head of troubled mortgage unit — the one that’s handling all of the soured Countrywide Financial mortgage loans. (Talk about a bad job.)

A Bank of America customer services representative transferred a customer to a foot fetish phone line.