PLASTIC SURGERY APOCALYPSE: Celebrities Who Looked Better Before They Went Under The Knife

Heidi MontagOh, Heidi Montag.


It’s possible that there are people in Hollywood who haven’t had plastic surgery — Meryl Streep pops to mind.But here’s the thing about plastic surgery, only the people who have had it done well are able to get by claiming they’ve had none.

Then there’s everyone else.

And there are a lot of people who have had it not done well.

In fact, it’s impossible to scroll through this list of faces and not conclude plastic surgery is generally a bad idea.

Sometimes very bad.

Kathy Griffin

Rupert Everett

Yes, this is really Rupert Everett.

Nicole Kidman

Jessica Simpson

Sylvester Stallone

Bristol Palin

Bruce Jenner

Janet Jackson


Star Jones

Courtney Love

Ashlee Simpson

Jennifer Grey

Tara Reid

Mickey Rourke

Lil Kim

Meg Ryan

Tori Spelling

Pamela Anderson

Victoria Beckham

Heidi Montag

Kate Gosselin

The exception that proves the rule?

Now check out what stars looked like before they were famous.

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