22 Gorgeous Pieces Of Art You Won't Believe Were Drawn On An iPad

Michael Acosta hummingbirdfiftythreeIt’s hard to believe this was drawn entirely on an iPad, but it was.

Creating gorgeous art on an iPad requires an immense amount of patience and practice.

These pieces were all hand drawn from scratch using iPad drawing app Paper by FiftyThree. Paper by FiftyThree has a vibrant community of artists working on its platform. Some such as Angela Kalokairinou have created videos documenting how they created their work. 

Artist and designer Michael Rose wrote a long blog post showing how he creates realistic portraits with Paper.

Artist Miki Früh uses finger blending and small thin strokes to create the illusion of waves.

Many iPad artists work off of photographs or images they have seen, many draw from their imagination. Paper by FiftyThree user eichan68 perfectly captures this lion's fur.

Photorealistic iPad art is viewed as extremely taxing and can take days to perfect. Artist Zhang Justin's teacup looks real enough to sip from.

Designer Michael Rose is famous in the Paper by FiftyThree community for his hyper-realistic portraiture. He has written a lengthy blog post explaining his methods.

Artist Michael Acosta has created countless works of art using Paper by FiftyThree. Like many other users, he cross posts much of his work to Tumblr.

This stunning sketch was done by well-known Paper by FiftyThree user, adoodlinby

Adoodlinby posts lots of his iPad work online, but like many fellow users, chooses to go by a pseudonym.

Angela Kalokairinou's sketch of a hamburger looks good enough to eat.

Miki Früh has created a collection of stunning nature-related sketches.

Miki Früh drew this beautiful image of a bamboo forest as well.

Artist Sylvia Lynch delicately sketched this ethereal spider web.

Paper by FiftyThree user Zengming drew this stunning image of a young girl playing piano.

Adoodlinby contrasted his bright fluffy clouds with a smudged landscape.

Artist Ye Ming uses contrast to create the illusion of transparency in this jellyfish sketch.

Nicole Cleary's sketches are bright and clear.

Celebrity fan art is popular on the Paper by FiftyThree platform. Here artist Zhu Siyun depicts David Bowie.

You can almost feel the emotion in this piece by artist Zhao Dean.

A user by the name of Yvon drew this lifelike pair of spectacles.

Another out of this world piece by Michael Rose.

The human body can be especially difficult to capture, but artist Mark Walker masterfully sketched this human ear.

While most artwork on Paper by FiftyThree is drawn in colour, artist Joaquim Meira chose a grayscale palette for this piece.

User Anducika utilized a blurring method to create this serene work.

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