Gore's Secret Speech: The Same One He Always Gives

Last week Al Gore banned the press from attending his speech at the RSA conference in San Francisco, which is a bit puzzling but not the first time Al’s made that kind of request.

So what did Al talk about during his kind-of-secret speech? A daring CNET reporter managed to sneak in — not that difficult, it turns out — and wrote about it. Seems Al used the veil of semi-secrecy to deliver… the same talk he always gives.

Al cited new research that says global warming is real, and worse than we previously thought. Tweaking his presentation slightly for the slide rule crowd, he talked about technology, too. All in all, thoroughly unremarkable.

So what’s with the press ban? A number of commenters in our previous story argued that Al hasn’t been exactly coddled by the press in the past. But it’s not like he’s been thoroughly vilified either. And in any event, it doesn’t matter: If you’re a public person, giving public speeches, you’re going to get some mix of love and hate. Better that than indifference.

Meanwhile, keeping the fourth estate (mostly) out of the room didn’t do anything to dissuade the four hecklers who sang loudly, told Gore he was lying to the audience, and accused the former veep of wanting to depopulate the earth. Photo: CNET.com.

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