Gorbachev Calls Putin ‘Stalin’


20 years after Russia kissed Communism goodbye, Mikhail Gorbachev has called out Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as more “Stalin” than saviour .

As The Daily Beast outlines in “Gorbachev Lashes Out at Putin,” Gorbachev has very publicly accused Putin of “‘dragging the country into the past, when it is on fire with modernization.’

The father of perestroika said he thought Putin’s priority was preserving his power, not solving urgent problems.”

In short, Gorbachev believes that “the political mechanisms the authorities are creating in Russia exist ‘to ensure they are not less creative managers than Stalin.'”

Obviously, parties-for-Putin have lashed out at Gorbachev, claiming he’s the one to blame for ruining the country. Perhaps most laughably, United Russia has accused Gorbachev of being “un-patriotic” – of not loving Russia “enough.”

What’s most fascinating about this recent row, however, is that “these days, only 10 per cent of Russians believe that the August 1991 coup was a victory for democracy over communism.”  Think about that.  Corruption and greed have so rotted Russia’s core that a majority of Russians now yearn for the days of Communism. 

To those – like Gorbachev – who once fought for and celebrated Russian freedom – these statistics must not only devastate, but also instill deep fear for what’s ahead for Russia in the 21st century.