GoPro’s Karma drone is back on sale, and it hopefully won’t fall out of the sky this time

GoPro’s Karma drone is back on sale after a nearly three-month hiatus.

Last November, GoPro recalled 2,500 units and temporarily cancelled shipments after reports that some Karma drones would lose power during flight and plummet back down to the ground.

Gopro karma drone
The GoPro Karma. GoPro/YouTube

The company announced in a blog post that it redesigned the battery latch on the Karma, which it claims ”
led to a huge improvement,” but it doesn’t state that it was the cause of the the original power-loss issue.
Citing sources familiar with the Karma’s design process, The Verge reported last November that the front-heavy design of the drone, where the GoPro camera is on the front of the Karma, led to more vibrations than traditional drones, as the Karma had to work harder to stay balanced. As a result of the extra vibrations, The Verge reported that the Karma’s detachable battery could sometimes loosen, which lines up GoPro’s redesign of the battery latch.

On more traditional drone designs, like the DJI Phantom 4, the camera is underneath the drone, which offers a much more balanced design. However, it also means that the overall size of the drone is larger and less portable than the GoPro Karma.

Dji phantom 4
The DJI Phantom 4 has the camera underneath the drone, which is more balanced, but forces a larger, less portable design than the GoPro Karma. DJI

The GoPro Karma differentiates itself from the wide variety of drones on the market by having a removable stabilizer gimbal, which you can attach to the the included Karma Grip handle.

With the Karma’s removable stabilizer gimbal and the Karma Grip, you can use the GoPro camera that you use with the Karma drone to record smooth hand-held footage, or you can mount it onto other pieces of equipment, like mountain bikes.

The GoPro Karma on its own still costs $799, or $1,099 with a GoPro Black camera.

You can check out all of the GoPro Karma’s features here.

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