Here’s why GoPro’s new drone is so important to the company

After many months of teasing, GoPro has formally unveiled the Karma, its first foray into the camera drone market. Alongside that, it’s also unveiled the latest flagship in its long-running line of action cameras, the $399 Hero 5 Black.

At first blush, they look neat! The drone starts at a not-super-expensive $799 and can fold up to fit in a backpack, while the camera is fully waterproof and includes electronic image stabilisation.

For GoPro, some fresh excitement couldn’t come soon enough. As this chart from Statista shows, the digital camera maker’s stock and revenue growth have both taken a massive, prolonged dip over the past three quarters. The company even had to delay its intended launch dates for these new products due to how iffy things had gotten.

Can camera drones help GoPro get around how unwilling people have been to upgrade their action cameras? That remains to be seen. As of this writing, though, the company’s stock is up over 7%.

Gopro stock and revenue chart

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