There's Finally A Way To See Exactly What Your Dog's Doing Throughout The Day

The makers of GoPro, a tiny and light portable camera, have released a new product just for dogs: A harness that holds two cameras to record things from your canine’s perspective.

The GoPro Fetch is a kit that comes with a dog harness, a camera tether, and software needed to set it up on any model of GoPro. It’s your job to provide the pooch and the GoPro camera. Here’s a video that explains how the product works, which we’ve also broken out into screenshots.

GoPro says that the device is capable of mounting onto your dog’s back, so you can capture shots of your dog running, jumping and of course, playing fetch. Here’s an action shot:

GoPro Fetch

The strap also allows a GoPro to hang from the chest, where you can view shots of your dog’s front paws. The chest mount is removable, too.

GoPro Fetch

The pack includes easily adjustable straps to fit dogs of all sizes, from 15 up to 120 pounds.

GoPro says the harness is comfortable and won’t prevent your dog from from enjoying activities like running, swimming or playing Frisbee.

Although you’ll need to fork out $US59.99 to buy the Fetch, it may be worth your investment if you want to see what your pet gets up to when you’re at work.

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