GoPro's CEO says the company has succeeded despite one major problem with its product

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman knows his company has nailed the hardware side of the business.

The newest product, the GoPro Hero4 Session, isn’t selling as well as some would like because people are still excited about buying the traditional camera, Woodman explained on-stage at Tech Crunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

It’s not a bad problem to have.

But Woodman said that the camera isn’t what makes GoPro a successful company: it’s the promise of creating epic videos along the lines of the “GoPro life.”

The challenge is turning users’ hour-long adventure videos into two-minute highlight reels that they can share with friends, Woodman said.

“It’s a bit like an iPod without its iTunes. In some ways, GoPro is exceeding in spite of itself,” Woodman said.

“When people buy a GoPro, they buy the promise of great content that they can use to document a personal experience and share it with other people.

The company is now working on making it easier to get your footage off the camera and into the cloud.

Cutting videos into 15-second clips in the GoPro app was phase one, Woodman said. Instagram has been a huge help, and people like sharing the bite-sized clips.

To make it easy, the majority of GoPro cameras are WiFi enabled. Woodman’s vision is that any time the camera connects to the network, it automatically uploads it to the cloud so you can have access to your video on your iPhone or on your desktop.

Woodman didn’t specify how the company will store all that video footage — whether it’s building out its own data center or partnering with someone else — saying only that “we have it figured it out.”

In any case, Woodman said, the first step is just getting the footage into a place like the GoPro app where users can quickly edit a video together.

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