Forget Wallets: This Square Rival Wants To Nuke Cash Registers

Leo Rocco
Leo Rocco, GoPago CEO

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Yes, GoPago CEO Leo Rocco is technically competing with Square in the mobile payments space.But where Square is trying to let you get rid of your wallet, GoPago is going after cash registers. 

Instead, businesses should rely on customers’ smartphones as their point-of-sale system, Rocco says.


“If you change the experience, that’s how you really change the game,” Rocco says.

With GoPago, customers can order ahead, pay on their smartphone, and go to the store to pick up a purchase without having to deal with lines

Rocco argues that every brick-and-mortar business must have a mobile storefront because merchants need to be where their customers are: on smartphones.

While competitors like LevelUp and Square are convenient for retailers, they are not nearly as great for customers because they still have to wait in line.

Today, the majority of GoPago’s retailers are small businesses. But Rocco sees the service working well for retailers like Walgreens and Macy’s, in an emerging trend called grab-and-go shopping. 

Maybe you need to pick up toothpaste but don’t want to navigate through the aisles and then wait in line. It would be much easier to order the toothpaste, pay for it on a mobile app, go into the store, pick it up, and get on with your day.

In place of the traditional cash register, GoPago offers a system it calls Live. Orders from grab-and-go customers pop up on a GoPago-provided Android tablet. Since not every customer’s ready to go mobile, it also includes a credit-card swiper and receipt printer. All of it’s free, including wireless connectivity—a key differentiator from Square, where merchants have to buy their own hardware and network connection.

And Rocco says that merchants don’t care if it’s an Android tablet or an iPad.

“They just care that it works,” Rocco says. “What’s funny is that we give out our Motorola Android tablet and merchants call it their iPad.”