Trump's reputation as a dealmaker is on the line with the GOP's troubled Obamacare replacement bill

The widespread opposition to the Republican Party’s American Health Care Act appeared to reach a tipping point on Thursday, with a delayed vote and policy huddles that stretched into the night on Capitol Hill.

President Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s efforts achieve a consensus on an alternative to the Affordable Care Act has hit a number of roadblocks in recent weeks, clashing with Trump’s reputation as a dealmaker.

In a report published Thursday night, The New York Times reported the turmoil was rattling Trump, which led the president to issue an ultimatum on the matter to his own party.

The policymaking process has been uncomfortable for Trump, The Times’ Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman reported, adding that Trump’s reputation for real-estate and business deal-making appeared to have little effect in the halls of Congress.

After realizing the Obamacare replacement effort was not going smoothly, Trump reportedly told close associates he “regrets” going along with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan to push for that first instead of tax reform, The Times wrote.

Trump himself has received low marks from some Democrats and Republicans for his involvement in the process. “So far he’s acting like a rookie. It’s really been amateur hour,” Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California told the newspaper.

“He seems to think that a charm offensive or a threat will work — that saying ‘I can do this for you’ or ‘I can do this against you’ will work. That’s not the way it works.

“You have to build real consensus, and you have a to gain a real knowledge of the policy — and the president hasn’t done either of those things.” Pelosi said.

The Times reported that the Trump team appeared to be losing faith in the deal as it dragged on, saying the White House viewed the AHCA as “a troublesome stepchild.”

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