GOP CONGRESSMAN TO GLENN GREENWALD: He 'Doesn't Have A Clue How This Thing Works'

Rep. Mike RogersRep. Mike Rogers

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) took a shot on Sunday at Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has broken a series of stories about the National Security Agency’s surveillance methods.

Responding to a question from ABC’s George Stephanopoulos about whether the government source of the leaks should be prosecuted, Rogers said it was “important” — because the source didn’t have all of the information. 

“I know your reporter that you interviewed — Greenwald — says that he’s got it all and now is an expert on the program. He doesn’t have a clue how this thing works,” Rogers said. “Nether did the person who released just enough information to literally be dangerous.”

Rogers said that the leaks were harmful because the source didn’t have a full picture of the NSA’s surveillance programs. Over the past few days — among other items — Greenwald’s reporting has revealed NSA data-mining and phone surveillance programs.

“I argue that there’s other methods. … Taking a very sensitive classified program that targets foreign person on foreign lands, and putting just enough out there to be dangerous, is dangerous to us, it’s dangerous to our national security and it violates the oath of which that person took. I absolutely think they should be prosecuted.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, agreed.

Rogers told reporters on Thursday that at least one of the programs — the NSA’s collection of phone records — has thwarted a terrorist plot in the United States.

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