'These jobs are not coming back': Watch Mitch McConnell get confronted by an upset constituent at a town hall meeting

Many GOP Congressional members have recently been confronted by upset constituents at town hall meetings in their home districts. In this clip, a woman asks Senator Mitch McConnell about dwindling coal jobs and health care in Kentucky.


WOMAN: I want to thank you for 30 years of public service, but you have to acknowledge that we got too damn many people on food stamps in Kentucky, and last I heard, we’re the leader and that is not where we want to be the leader.

And the last I heard, these coal jobs are not coming back and now these people don’t have the insurance they need because they’re poor. And they worked those coal mines and they’re sick. The veterans are sick, the veterans are broken down, they’re not getting what they need.

If you can answer any of that I’ll sit down and shut up like Elizabeth Warren. I’m sorry, I get excited.

MCDONNELL: I hope you feel better now.

WOMAN: I do, I do, I do.

MCDONNELL: Anybody understood anything I have to say up here for once?

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