This year’s Goop gift guide includes a $250,000 ticket to space and a chair that can simulate weightlessness

Gwyneth Paltrow. Edward Berthelot/GC Images

Goop, the lifestyle company created by Gwyneth Paltrow, just dropped its 2019 holiday gift guide – and it’s as Goop-y as ever.

This year’s list includes sections like “the ridiculous but awesome gift guide, “the lover’s gift guide,” and “the wellness junkie’s gift” – the latter of which Goop proclaims “not to toot our own pelvic floor trainer, but this is where we shine.”

It should come as no surprise that Goop – which once sang the praises of a $US145,000 “vaginal egg” – features many eccentric and exorbitantly priced items in its gift guide. These items range from a $US250,000 reservation for Virgin Galactic’s forthcoming trips to space, a $US1,350 leather BDSM leather bondage kit, and a $US13o marijuana joint roller.

We rounded up some of the wildest selections, below.

Lunar rock edition of Noman Mailer’s “Moonfire”… meteorite included.


Price: $US275,000

It’s a limited-edition version of Norman Mailer’s “Moonfire,” which, yes, comes with its very own meteorite.

Gravity Balans chair


Price: $US1,999

A chair that simulates weightlessness doesn’t come cheap.

Special reserve Kaluga-Huso caviar hybrid


Price: $US16,000 for one kilogram

According to the Petrossian website, Kaluga-Huso is the “future of caviar.”

The Otto automatic joint roller


Price: $US130

Goop wants you to roll those joints in style.

Custom plant music installation


Price: $US25,000

It’s “an immersive plant music installation” designed “to make your plants sing,” according to the Data Garden website.

Infrared sauna blanket


Price: $US500

Take your heated blanket one step further.

Dehydrated caviar bar


Price: $US99

Just like the golden ticket chocolate bar from “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory,” except it’s caviar.

Reserve a seat to space with Virgin Galactic


Price: $US250,000

Snag a seat aboard one of the first commercial journeys to space.

Restraining arts kit


Price: $US1,350

All the leather cuffs you could ever need.

Luxe brass fire extinguisher


Price: $US250

“Because yes, even something as practical and purposeful as say, a fire extinguisher, can skew sexy,” Goop writes.

Four in a row wonderstone marble set


Price: $US1,495

Basically a fancy version of Connect Four.