Former Obama Senior Economic Adviser Mocks Republicans' Unspecific Plan To 'Make America Better' On The Daily Show

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Former Chairman of the Council of Economic advisers Austan Goolsbee slammed the Republican plan of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan last night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. —  

Goolsbee mocked the “plan” that the Republicans had posted online. According to Goolsbee, “the specifics are ‘make America better.'” Stewart said that it “reads like a letter to Santa Claus.”

Stewart noted that the way that they were talking, “It’s like the Republican party formed three and a half years ago.”

Goolsbee said that — since leaving his job as the chief economist — at least he is better off than he was four years ago. 

Goolsbee, who chaired the council during the initial stages of the recovery under President Barack Obama, also talked about how much he loathed the first four or five months of his job — “losing 800,000 jobs a month” and getting calls from economists telling him that a depression was starting.

Watch the full clip below: 


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