Googol Friendly Giants

Recruiting good software engineers has always been difficult. Now it is even harder. We have to compete with other start-ups, established companies and with the London financial sector.

The fact that the education system is only capable of producing 3-4 exceptional coders out of a group of 200 students doesn’t make it easier.

We also have to compete with very innovative ideas that talented coders can implement with little investment. Some of these projects go on to raise millions.

While Steve Blank claims that we are in the beginning of an Internet bubble, I believe that we are still in the embryonic phase of a technology revolution when assets value starts to rapidly shift to cyberspace

If finding good coders is hard, the mission to find a really good CTO is almost impossible – it’s a negative probability event to find The One. But because the events with negative probabilities happen all the time (according to quantum mechanics) we don’t settle and keep looking.

We hope to find a super-genius ninja-hacker rock-star über-geek who knows it all and then some:

  • The One who finds solutions to really difficult problems with a smile and architects software in the same way Norman Foster designs skyscrapers.
  • The One who shares our vision to revolutionise information management and shake up most known computing paradigms.
  • The One who thinks the World Wide Web is not enough, but is a perfect place to start.

So in the tradition of software giants here is the riddle for super-genius ninja-hacker rock-star über-geek, and we hope it’s very simple for The One:

How many bits do you need to count googol Friendly Giants? 

If that was easy: Are there enough bits in China for it? 

Please submit your answers at http://GoogolFriendlyGiants.comΣ

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