Check Out Google's Crazy Offices In Zurich

Google’s offices are really incredible places.

They’re filled with all sorts of odd, playful touches. They make going to work look like it would be fun.

No Google office exemplifies this spirit of work and whimsy better than Google’s engineering hub in Zurich. Design firm Camenzind Evolution did the Zurich space in 2007.

The Zurich offices are surreal. They are filled with micro conference rooms, game rooms, snack rooms, and, oh yeah, some space to do work.

It's a pretty nondescript building from the outside.

But inside, it's very Google-y.

There is, of course, a slide.

It's a serious slide.

It drops employees into an eating area.

This is a fun way to get to lunch.

Google offers free breakfast, lunch, and dinner all cooked by an in-house chef.

Another look at some of the food.

The office doesn't have *just* slides. It has also has poles.

You can drop from one floor to the next.

There are different 'Google' signs all over the place.

A flowery Google sign.

A less flowery Google sign.

Subway tile Google sign.


There are work-out spaces in the office.

But, perhaps more importantly, there are a lot of areas for playing games.

Google wanted it to be a fun, playable environment.

There's a little soccer and basketball area.

It's not that hard to dunk on this net.

In addition to games, there's space for rocking out.

There is also fake rocking out with video games.

Do people ever work at this office? It seems like some people do.

Here's a similar meeting space, but this guy is lounging.

These folks are working!

This guy, too.

We're not sure what's up with these seats, but they don't look ideal for working.

These weird things are all over the place. They're little conference spaces.

Because Zurich engineers have to talk to employees from around the world, there are little conference hubs all over the place.

Some of these eggs are just dropped in the middle of work spaces.

Here's what it looks like inside one of those weird egg shaped conference spaces.

Sometimes they get a very special pattern on the outside.

Other times they look completely different!

Here's the interior of those arctic themed domes.

Hi Penguin! (The designers wanted to give each section of the office a feel and a theme, this part seems to be the North Pole).

There are also gondolas with flare converted into conference call spaces.

You can also sit outside the gondola and chat.

Here's a fake snowy space for meetings.

Fake skiing space.

Inside the ski rooms.


The inside of the 80s-style New York Subway gondola with graffiti.

These are probably the best of the bunch.

There are lots of snacking options.

There is a library space.

And it's pretty cool.

It's another good conference space for Googlers.

Speaking of relaxing, there's this room with aquariums.

Here's an employee relaxing in a tub filled with foam in front of a fish tank.

And if that's not relaxing enough, there are massage rooms.

We're not exactly sure what's going on here. A little one on one meeting before a massage?

Look at the rocks on the ground, there are lots of details like this in the office.

The tech stop for employees has a beach theme.

Fake sand footprints.

Oh hi, rubber ducky.

Tire chairs in a conference room.

A sky lounge to hang out and eat.

Here's the jungle room.


A good place to read a book? (Who reads books at Google?)

Another unique conference space.

A relaxing atmosphere.

There's a movie room.

From the back of the movie room looking forward.

This is a different look.

Another closer look at that wall.

This is a weird seat for working in.

Another conference space.

This subway style spot is good for snacking.

A Googler is playing with a 3D printer from Makerbot.

A room for moonshots?

Those things on the wall will give you nightmares.

Darth Vader.

It's not just gorgeous indoor space, either.

There is a backyard space that's open for employees to hang out in.

Here's another look at the outdoor space.

Zooglers hanging out on a warm day.

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