Google’s Zeitgeist Speakers Even Wowed Googlers


Miguel Helft of the NYT has already detailed some of the speakers who headlined Google’s Zeitgeist conference this week: Bill Clinton (teleconference), Al Gore, David Cameron (Britain’s Conservative Party leader), Dick Parsons, Fred Smith, Tom Brokaw, and the decidedly un-digital Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia).  What Miguel didn’t mention was how impressed even dynastically wealthy Googlers in attendance were by this line-up.  The admiration, by the way, extended to Google’s own Eric Schmidt, who is a shoo-in to be the next billionaire-turned-national-politician.

One interesting tidbit: A conference attendee says that Bill Clinton was full of praise for Al Gore (who deserves it), and even went out of his way to mention Gore several times in a short presentation.  Gore, meanwhile, whose celebrity (and influence?) arguably now exceeds that his former boss, did not mention fellow-speaker Clinton once. 

We’re interpreting here, but we assume that Gore is still ripped about the Monica incident.  If so, we have some advice for the Nobel winner: Let it go, Al, let it go!  (And some more: Run for president!)