Google’s smart home system Nest arrives in Australia, allowing you to snoop on your own home for $14 a month

Nest, the connected home brand of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has officially arrived in Australia, with the release of smart surveillance cameras and a smart smoke alarm.

The Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor cameras, both priced at $319, act as internet-connected eyes in and around a home for viewing from anywhere in the world. Both cameras capture vision in high definition to watch through any mobile device, as well as sending out motion detection alerts and offering talkback capabilities so you can tell the deliveryman to leave the parcel at the door.

But the cameras’ usefulness only reach full potential with a subscription that costs $14 per month for the first device then $7 per device afterwards. That fee allows the cameras to constantly record and upload the footage into the cloud, to review and zoom into video at a later time.

Business Insider understands that the later generation indoor camera Nest Cam IQ has been deliberately not released in Australia due to the high internet bandwidth requirements. The Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor require a minimum of 500kbps, which most Australian broadband connections should be able to handle.

Nest’s signature Thermostat product will also be missing locally for the forseeable future, due to the lack of central heating systems in Australian homes.

The $189 smoke alarm Nest Protect is also connected to the internet and interacts with other smoke detectors in the house to verbally tell the resident where the smoke or carbon monoxide is, so the source of the danger can be located.

The smoke alarm will send alerts to mobile devices, and can be reset and controlled using a smartphone.

“This a wi-fi connected smoke and carbon monoxide alarm — it’s first one available in Australia,” Nest product marketing head Maxime Veron told media in Sydney on Monday.

In a marketing coup, consumer insurance service iSelect is Nest’s exclusive Australian seller at launch. The devices can be purchased standalone or bundled with products from iSelect’s other merchants such as Optus, Sumo and Mate Communicate.

Discounted home insurance, home loans or health insurance bundled with Nest products will also be announced in the coming months, according to iSelect.