Google's Smart Watch Will Launch In June

Google will be partnering with LG to release its long-rumoured smart watch this June, according to CNET.

Like with the Nexus line of smartphones, LG will be taking care of the hardware details of the watch while Google designs the software. The watch will debut at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco.

Previous reports about Google’s smart watch have hinted that it will be integrated with Google Now (a smart, personal assistant that comes with all new Android phones), have a full-colour digital display, and act as an Android phone accessory, not a standalone device.

An early prototype of the watch had a metal band, but TechCrunch sources say that Google’s first watch will ship with a plastic band.

This news also comes hot on the heels of Samsung’s announcement that it will launch two new fitness-tracking smart watches in April. Apple and HTC have also both hinted that they could be unveiling smart watches sometime this year.

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