These are the top-secret home security products Google is working on

Tony Fadell, nest, sv100 2015Stephen McCarthy/GettyTony Fadell, CEO of Nest.

Google is working on a number of projects to make home security smarter.

Nest, a company under Google-turned-Alphabet, is working on three home security products, according to an article by The Information.

One project, dubbed Pinna, is Nest’s wireless security sensor. Right now, the sensor can only tell when windows or doors are open or closed. But Nest has a vision to hook up the Pinna sensors with another home security device that’s been codenamed Flintstone — a hub that will connect the sensors to the internet.

But both projects have undergone several delays — the Pinna sensors have been through several design changes and the Flintstone hub has been killed or changed several times in the course of three years.

Nest is also working on a mobile sensor called Keshi that would integrate with Nest’s system to automatically lock doors when everyone leaves the house, but it too is unclear when the product will launch.

The concept sounds similar to a product offered by Samsung’s smart home division, SmartThings. SmartThings sells a hub that lets you control all your smart home objects over the internet. Amazon’s Echo speaker also doubles as a smart home hub, and Apple updated the Apple TV last year to do the same.

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