Work On The $US82 Million Private Jet Terminal Built (Mostly) For Google Starts Tomorrow

Signature flight support google airport san jose renderingSignature Flight SupportSignature Flight Support and Blue City Holdings, which operates Google aircraft, are splitting the cost of a new private jet terminal in San Jose.

The $US82 million terminal being built mostly for Google executives breaks ground in San Jose on Friday morning.

The terminal is being built by Signature Flight Support, a fixed based operator that provides private aviation services (like maintenance, fuel, and parking) to its customers at 116 global locations.

In an interview with Business Insider, Signature President and COO Maria Sastre was quick to clarify that the San Jose project is not a “Google airport” — the terminal will be open to any of its customers.

Google will get special treatment, however. The tech giant is playing a large role through Blue City Holdings (BCH), the company that operates its executives’ planes. BCH is splitting the $US82 million price tag with Signature, and will have exclusive use of five of the seven hangars being built.

The other two hangars are available for use by other Signature customers. (Sastre declined to name some others who might use the airport, citing privacy concerns.)

The terminal is one of the largest projects Signature has taken on, Sastre said, and once complete, it will be able to handle at least 100 flights daily. It will include an executive terminal, the seven hangars, aircraft servicing facilities, and ramp space to accommodate large business jets.

The new terminal, which provides access to a runway at Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, should be open for business in 22 to 24 months.

Signature’s deal with the San Jose City Council gives it a 50-year lease, in return for $US2.6 million in annual rent to the Airport, and a minimum annual tax generation guarantee of $US70,000 for the first year, and $US300,000 after year five.

Here’s what the shiny new terminal will look like:

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