Even Google Insiders Are Baffled By Its Decision To Buy Motorola

Larry Page closeup

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Even within Motorola and Google, there’s a complete lack of understanding as to why Google would want to buy the smartphone manufacturer, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.Instead, the acquisition seems more like what we constantly hear from industry sources: a crazy attempt to be everything at once, coupled with a little bit of arrogance that Google is the company that can pull it off.

Dennis Berman over at the Wall Street Journal has apparently spent the past few weeks asking sources inside Google and Motorola what the goal of the acquisition was. Here’s what he found out:

Does Google sincerely want to be a company that makes actual stuff? 

I’ve spent the last three weeks talking to people inside Motorola and Google and out, trying to solve the riddle. The disquieting answer is that there appears to be no sense that a choice is even required. There’s only a cocky belief that Google really can be all things at once: a hardware company with software margins, and a neutral Android arms dealer that just happens to be building its own Motorola army on the side.

His sources are anonymous, but it does jive with pretty much everything we hear from industry professionals.

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