Check Out Google's Russian Offices In Moscow

Google Moscow Office 33

Photo: Camenzind Evolution

When Google designs the interior of its offices, it doesn’t just make a bulk acquisition of bean bags, a slide, and some ping pong tables, drop them in the space and call it a day.First it talks to its employees about what they want in an office. It tries to design the office to accommodate their needs and make it welcoming. This just happens to usually involve a bulk acquisition of bean bags, a slide, and some ping pong tables.

When Google opened new offices in Moscow in 2010, it hired design firm Camenzind Evolution.

Camenzind Evolution said Russian Googlers “wanted the design to emphasise warmth and family, to reflect the needs of individuals over corporate standards, and they clearly wanted the office to have a strong Russian identity — defined by its rich literature, poetry and natural beauty.”

The offices in Moscow aren’t are whimsical or crazy as other Google offices, but they’re still quite unique.

Here's the reception, you can see the games in the background

Walk in, play a game of ping pong

Bean bags, and white boards in this conference space

Wood is a big theme

The ornate wooden door is a nice touch

This is one of the central meeting areas in the office

People hanging out under the tree

Another look at it

A rich, carpeted texture

The wood theme is all over the office

Water closet

Like any Google office, free food is one of the big perks

Check out the awesome view in the background

This is a cool buffet table

Close up of some of the details

Googlers cranking away

One of the many lounge areas


A meeting space

There's a retro vibe to this office

Another little meeting space for employees to chat

There's a big conference space. Check out the little nook on the side.

The forest-y theme is in conference rooms

A meeting space

Unlike other Google offices we've seen, there's a lot of wallpaper in this space

It has to be a little hard to focus in a room like this

A break from the wood for stones

Back to the wood! Looks like a cabin.

There isn't a slide here, but there are massage rooms

With the curtains you can have a private meeting if you want

Here's a view from the office

And now, for a much crazier Google office

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