Google's Marissa Mayer And Her Fiancé Work It -- All The Time

Marissa Mayer in Vogue

How do Google VP Marissa Mayer and her fiancé “lawyer/investment manager/athlete/philanthropist” Zack Bogue have fun together?

They work. All the time.

Vogue: “We continue to do work in the evening,” says Bogue.

“There’s never a distinct line between work and home. Marissa’s work is such a natural extension of her. It’s not something she needs to shed at the end of the day.”

He adds wryly, “She has converted me to bringing my laptop everywhere: You never know when you’ll get fifteen minutes’ worth of work done.”

She’s also converted him to sleeping an hour less per night. On a recent trip to Wausau, Mayer worked late into the evening, revising a speech she was to deliver at a Midwestern university. Her mother, Margaret, says, “It was one of those long-night-type things. She woke Zack up at 5:00 a.m. and wanted to give her speech; I said, ‘Zack, you signed up for it. Now you know.’ “

Zack knows and thrives. “Marissa is a ball of energy. We feed off each other and wake up in the middle of a 34-mile cross-country [skiing] trek.”

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