Google's London Office Is A Gorgeous Mix Of '70s Style And Weird Recycled Products

google london soho 25

Photo: Flickr / Martin Varsavsky

Martin Varsavsky just added a bunch of photos of Google’s offices in the SoHo district in London on Flickr.It looks like Google was getting ready to move to that location around this time last year, but we finally have a clear look inside the new offices — which look great.

It appears to carry a big environmentally-conscious theme with cardboard lamps, and it almost feels like it comes out of the ’70s.

Boom! This office definitely feels like it's in London.

We're not sure if this is just a regular table or if it's a six-person ping pong table.

There's a ton of wood paneling and classy furniture throughout the office.

There's also a big pod in the middle of the office that's covered in tassels...

...and surrounded by a book shelf. There's a big couch in the centre for engineers to relax.

The whole office has an environmentally conscious theme too. These lamps look like they're made out of recycled paper...

There are a bunch of specific waste receptacles for compost and recycling.

The office appears to have a huge, wide-open feel to it.

But there are also some cubbies for private meetings and phone calls.

There are plenty of meeting rooms too — and they're also themed to something environmentally conscious.

Tucked away in one part of the wide-open office space is the weight room.

There's a big workout room in the office...

...complete with Google-coloured dumbbells. They correspond to different weights.

It's a weird mix of crazy futuristic-ish furniture and older, 70s-ish furniture.

There are a lot of fantastic set pieces throughout the office too.

These chairs look extremely comfortable.

It has a stunning view of downtown London.

Really stunning.

Seriously, check out that view!

If you walk outside, there's a ton of flora.

The whole office is flooded with light.

And, naturally, there are a bunch of toys — it is a Google office after all.

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