Google's Logo Redesigned By School Children

Doodle 4 Google contest finalist

This morning, Google announced the 40 regional finalists in its annual Doodle 4 Google competition, which challenges school children to create their own version of the Google logo. The winning logo will run on Google’s home page for a day.

Over 33,000 students in grades K-12 submitted entries, competing for a $15,000 college scholarship, a $25,000 technology grant for their schools, and other prizes.

For this year’s contest, students were asked to design their logos around finishing the sentence “If I could do anything, I would…”

This is a smart way for Google to market itself as a friendly brand. It also doesn’t hurt to have 33,000 kids walking around with Google’s logo effectively tattooed to the insides of their eyelids.

We’ve picked out our 15 favourite logos, as well as the blurbs the students wrote explaining them.

Super Fast Computer For Everyone, by Craig Hammond, age 7

'If I could do anything, I would...' give everyone in the world a super fast computer and Internet. People could become friends. They could help each other. They could find the answers to problems together. They could have fun together. People will not go to war because they are friends.

Recycle Bot, by Thomas Scheller, age 7

'If I could do anything, I would...' build really cool robots. My 'Recycle Bot' would create energy by chewing up plastic water bottles.

Colonize The Moon, by Cindy Kuang, age 11

Colonizing the moon would provide homes for the homeless. After the multiple earthquake disasters, people especially need shelters. The Halley's Comet in the background shows that we can do it soon if we put our will to it.

Clean Water For All, by Michael Hemphill, age 9

'If I could do anything, I would...' end world thirst by creating a type of pipe, hose, and pump that connects straight from the ocean to the people. The water will be filtered while going through the pipeline. My Company would provide the pipelines for free.

The World As My Canvas, by Isabella Alex, age 12

'If I could do anything, I would...' make the world my canvas. This way I could see the world the way I want to. Like the weather would always be painted beautiful with blue skies and puffy white clouds. Another thing in my painted world would be birds singing.

The Love Of Art, by Vance Viggiano, age 15

'If I could do anything, I would...'...enrich the world with an intense passion for art and the everlasting joy it provides. Art embodies the creator's expression, and offers exquisite exuberance towards both the artist and the viewers, also serving to soothe an ailing soul in distress.

Repair All The World's Breaks, by Brooke Bartholomew, age 13

I'm expressing my want to repair all the things that have been broken all over the world. This is what I would do if 'I could do anything,' because the world needs a little fixing, and wouldn't it be great if a small team of men came around fixing everything?

Untitled, by Injee Hong, age 10

Education is a privilege many children take for granted. So many children in underprivileged countries want to have quality education so that they can reach their career aspirations, but they cannot. Therefore, 'If I could do anything, I would...'...bring education to people all over the world.

Build An Earthquake Proof City, by Bryan Wei, age 13

Because of the recent earthquake tragedies in Haiti and Chile. I think it is important to build a city that earthquakes cannot damage or destroy. The high rise buildings should be strong enough to withstand any earthquakes, so that people can be safe and will not be threatened.

Branch Out, by Bevan Schiffli, age 16

My doodle expresses my desire to understand other views and cultures. I want to branch out to gain a strong sense of the world; not only in one perspective, but many. My wish is to show people my experiences through a pursuit of art/design in my future career.

Dawn Of Hope, by Hannah Newsom, age 16

'If I could do anything, I would...' bring you hope and healing. I would bring the sun to chase away the night, and help you see clearly the peace that is always beside you. I would take you up in a balloon, to glimpse the beauty of the Maker.

Equal Education For Everyone, by Rafael Gonzalez age 17

'If I could do anything, I would...' find a way to improve education for underprivileged students in cities, towns and neighborhoods that are suffering from poverty. Consequently, that generation of young men and women could become the leaders and role models for the next generation.

Reconnecting With Nature, by Kaylee Martinez, age 18

'If I could do anything, I would...' reconnect with nature and learn to appreciate the beauty. The world and our individual lives are so wrapped up in technology that if I could do anything I'd reconnect with where we all began, nature.

The Magic In A Book, by Andrea Woodruff, age 15

If I could do anything, what would I do? I thought about this hard and long. Then it hit me, I would publish a book. My ideas are overflowing, and in this doodle they are coming to life. Jumping out of the pages for the whole world to see.

Let's Go To Japan, by Alex Engleman, age 17

'If I could do anything, I would...' go to Japan. I would love to go to Japan because I want to see and explore its architecture, like Tokyo Tower. I also want to master the style of art, both traditional and digital. I also would love to eat the food.

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