Yes, Google CEO Larry Page Talked About 'Gangnam Style' On His Earnings Call

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A lot of weird stuff went down yesterday around Google’s Q3 2012 earnings call: The accidental early numbers release. The mobile ad revenue suddenly reaching $8 billion annually. CEO Larry Page sounding sick.But events reached their weird climax when Page began riffing about “Gangnam Style,” the loopy dance hit by South Korean singer PSY.

Not many people understood the reference. In fact, our live blogger summarized Page’s comments as:

“Larry talks about a horse video that has 500 million views. Says it’s very easy for someone to distribute content.”

Horse video? What could that mean?

Here’s the transcript of what Page purportedly said:

“So I was just, the recent video of horse dancing, came in style. I have been watching, its 400 million views now – 500 million. And that kind of thing to really just put the switch, turn it on, get a worldwide distribution and sort of – almost without doing any work, if you are a provider of this content is an amazing thing.”

Clearly, the earnings call transcript service missed the reference also, or Page misspoke. There’s only one “horse dancing” video that’s gotten nearly 500 million views, and it ain’t “came in style.”

It’s “Gangnam Style!”

Eh, sexy lady — oppan Gangnam Style!

(Page probably heard about it from chairman Eric Schmidt, who recently visited Google’s Korean office in the Gangnam district and met PSY there.)


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