According To Google’s “Instant Mix” Algorithm, Miles Davis And Faith Hill Sound Just Alike

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Paul Lamere of the Music Machinery blog just posted an elaborate rant on Google Music’s “Instant Mix” feature, which attempts to create mixes of similar music for you.

Lamere tried out Instant Mix to a hilarious end, also comparing it to iTunes Genius and The Echo Nest, which have been tried and tested mix solutions for a while now.

Even though Google Music is a beta, shouldn’t the “Instant Mix” feature work at least a little bit?

Lamere plugged “Miles Davis” into iTunes Genius and got back tracks by Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck, and Wynton Marsalis.

Then, he plugged “Miles Davis” into Google Music’s Instant Mix and got back tracks by The Grateful Dead, Coldplay, Marcy Playground, and even Faith Hill. He assigned these results a WTF rating of “18.”

Hopefully, the world’s biggest search engine can make some fixes and write some new music recommendation algorithms soon to get Instant Mix up to speed.

Click here for all of Lamere’s results, which include a Lady Gaga trial that goes pretty awfully as well, and Lamere’s praises for the “surprisingly good” Apple Genius feature.

(Via Steven Levy)