Google's Dropbox Killer Is Coming In April

Dropbox founders target

Photo: Vasillis Online via Flickr

Google has been thinking about launching an online storage service for more than five years now, but this time it might finally happen.Om Malik reports that the fabled Google Drive or GDrive will come out in the first week of April.

It’s a direct competitor to Dropbox, as well as Microsoft’s SkyDrive service — which has been around for several years now — but it doesn’t seem like Google is taking the competition very seriously. 

According to the report, GDrive will offer only 1GB of free storage, compared with 2GB for Dropbox and 25GB (yes really) for SkyDrive.

There will apparently be a domain-specific version for Google Apps customers, and the service will have an API for third-party apps, allowing them to store files in the service.

Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that the service would let users store documents, pictures, and other files, and would serve as a way to send big attachments through Gmail without actually sending the entire file — users will instead click on a link in the email and be taken to the file on GDrive (which is almost identical to how SkyDrive works with Microsoft’s Hotmail service.)

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