Google's April Fools Gag In Japan: Some Sort Of Wacky Keyboard Drum Kit

Google Japan April Fools

Google continues to invest in wild and wacky April Fools gags. And since it’s already April in Japan… Google is introducing some sort of wacky keyboard drum kit for the Japanese market!

Google’s automated Japanese translation of its blog post doesn’t do much to explain it. But our impression is that this keyboard drum kit is designed to offer faster typing for all the Japanese characters that don’t fit on a standard QWERTY-sized keyboard.

We’d love your help translating!

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Thanks to reader Francesco Fondi for the tip!

The problem with keyboards with a lot of buttons is that they don't really fit on your desk

That's why you need a keyboard drum kit!

Every character you'll ever need!

And a huge Enter key

It even comes with emoticons!

Easy to install and configure

And here's how you type

Looks very ergonomic

Hands optional

This could all be yours for a low, low price!

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