Google's Ad Exchange Boss Bolts

Michael Rubenstein, who joined Google (GOOG) when it acquired ad-serving giant DoubleClick in 2008, has left the company “to pursue another opportunity,” reports Media Memo.

At DoubleClick and then Google, Michael was in charge of building an ad exchange (imagine a stock exchange for buyers and sellers of online advertising inventory).

Back in 2007, when Google first announced it would acquire DoubleClick for $3.1 billion everyone had decided ad exchanges were going to be HUGE. Around the same time, Yahoo bought its own ad-exchange maker Right Media for $680 million.

Finally merged in 2008, Google and subsidiary DoubleClick haven’t opened an ad exchange to the wide world yet. Reportedly some in the industry are using it already on an invitation-only basis.

Michael’s departure follows former DoubleClick CEO David Rosenblatt’s exit from the company at the beginning of the summer.

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