The Top 10 Gadgets Of 2012, According To Google

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As it does every year, Google released its Zeitgeist, a breakdown of the 1.2 trillion searches it handled in 2012.In addition to obnoxious celebrities and world-changing current events, people also searched for information on their favourite gadgets.

Here they are, the most searched for gadgets of 2012.

We ranked them in the order google listed them.

Note: These rankings are taken from worldwide Google searches.

#10 Nokia Lumia 920, the new flagship Windows Phone

Launching earlier this year, the Lumia 920 is a flagship Windows Phone 8 device. It's an elegant phone with a sharper screen, an improved camera, and the ability to charge wirelessly.

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#9 The Kindle Fire is Amazon's tablet. A new version, the Kindle Fire HD, launched this year

Amazon improved its tablet offering in the form of the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. Starting at $299, it blows the $499 iPad out of the water in terms of price. And given that it can plug into Amazon's ecosystem of books, music, and movies so gracefully, it's a serious competitor.

There's also a 7-inch version of the Kindle Fire HD that starts at $199.

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#8 The Surface is Microsoft's first tablet

Microsoft made its entrance into the tablet market this year with the Surface. Except it's still a full-fledged computer. Except not really. You know what? We're still not totally sure what it is, but it runs the latest Windows RT operating system, making it indispensable for productivity nuts who want to travel light.

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#7 The iPad 4, or the fourth-generation iPad, debuted late this year

The most current full-sized iPad is Apple's best yet, offering improved internals and maintaining the sharp Retina display we've come to know and love. An unexpected change presented itself, however. The iPad now makes use of the new Lightning connector, a move that angered lots of people when they realised their old cables would no longer be useful without buying an adaptor.

#6 Sony redesigned the PlayStation 3 again this year

Sony slimmed down its Playstation 3 and dropped the price a little bit. For a gaming system that debuted six years ago, the Playstation 3 has done an impressive job of remaining so relevant and competitive.

#5 Samsung's Galaxy Note II is huge, but people seem to love it

It's a phone and a tablet. Maybe you want to call it a 'phablet?' (Please don't.) The Galaxy Note II is the perfect phone for people who love a big screen.

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#4 The Nexus 7 is Googles first tablet

Google's mid-size tablet is most akin to Amazon's Kindle Fire. However, Google partnered closely with Asus to make a tablet that was of its own design, one that fully lived up to what it wanted a 7-inch tablet to be.

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#3 Everyone was waiting for Apple's smaller tablet, the iPad Mini

The tablet that seems to have stolen everyone's hearts this year is Apple's 7.9-inch iPad Mini. It's a fully-functional iPad at a fraction of the size (and cost). These aspects of it leave us wondering if we'll ever buy another full-size iPad.

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#2 Samsung's Galaxy S III became the hottest Android phone on the planet

Samsung's Galaxy S III is the phone that seems to set the standard for the rest of the Android handset world. It launched this year to huge anticipation and might even be called the iPhone of the Android family.

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#1 Earlier this year, Apple brought its super-sharp Retina display to the third-generation iPad

The Retina display brought awesome high definition to the iPad. Games and movies popped with clarity and brightness, truly shaking up a previously bland market of tablets when it came to displays.

In the market for some gadgets of your own?

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